Clinical Supervision

My supervision philosophy centers around fostering growth, empathy, and ethical practice. I provide a supportive and reflective space for therapists to explore their cases, enhance their skills, and maintain professional well-being. Through collaborative discussions and guidance, I aim to empower therapists to deliver compassionate and effective care to their clients, while continuously advancing their own personal and professional development. Supervisees are supported in developing strong rapport, being sensitive and informed about diverse needs, employing evidence-based methods, and navigating challenging dynamics to facilitate impactful outcomes and nurture positive change

 I am trained in Competency based clinical supervision. Supervision is available for trainees and for qualified counselors and psychologists, paced on the needs and the current proficiency level of the supervisee. I am a Singapore Register of Psychologists (SRP) approved supervisor, offering both individual and group supervision. EFTi approved individual and group mentoring sessions are also available.

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