Lodestar Within

Lodestar means The Guiding Light.

Lodestar was created with the vision of it being the flashlight, the little flicker of the candle which gives not only direction but hope, as you move towards your light at the end of the tunnel. It is to be a lighthouse, helping you reach your destination and find yourself, by steadily shining its own light.

We have all been blessed with an inner GPS – which knows where you need to go and how to go there, it knows the right from wrong and the truth from the illusions – it is the Lodestar Within. It has the answers you seek, the peace you lost, and the happiness you fear you may never have.

As we grapple with our stories and struggles, sometimes we forget it’s even there and sometimes the signal is a bit muddled as we have forgotten how to read it. In those times, you may need a hand to hold still as you begin to untwine the knot, someone to help interpret the code, navigate through the maze you find yourself trapped in or interrupt the loops you can’t seem to get out of – someone with the skills to help you see things differently, make the changes which you feel you cannot, release what you need to and see the way out of the mess, into your glory.

Often, we need another ray of light to remind us of our own and lead us back to the Lodestar within, and this Lodestar wishes to be a reminder and a bridge to the wholeness, happiness and healing that lies within.

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