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Matters discussed in counselling sessions are kept confidential and not shared with anyone without the written or verbal consent of the client, except in situations where there is danger of harm to the client or anybody else or there is a vulnerable child or adult involved.
Counselling and therapy sessions are provided pertaining to the highest possible standards of quality, in accordance with the training and experience of the therapist, to collaboratively work towards goals agreed on by the client and therapist. However, research shows that results are dependent primarily on the quality of participation of the client and hence the therapist cannot be held responsible for guaranteed or specific results. By engaging in counselling, the client takes complete responsibility for the outcome of the therapy process.

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Policy :

Meeting will be by prior appointment only. A therapy sessions averagely lasts between 50-60 minutes. Intensives therapies may take upto 90 minutes or more and will be charged accordingly. Payment can be made via cash, cheque or bank transfer on/during or before the session. In case of online sessions, a bank transfer of the entire amount will need to be completed the day before the session to avoid follow-up processes. Credit facility is not available.
In case you cannot come to the booked appointment, kindly inform us of the cancellation/change in booking atleast 48 hours before the scheduled session. In the absence of adequate notice, you will be charged the full session fee, as the time was booked for you and cannot be given to any other client. For any questions, please contact us.