Coaching is aimed to support you towards actualizing your fullest potential and functioning at your highest best. Coaching involves developing skills and strategies to overcome challenges while identifying and capitalising on your strengths and talents. Coaching is to support you in navigating through the maze of life with clarity and focus, enabling you to Be more and get more out of life.

  •   If you have ever felt that you could be or should be achieving more/differently in life, or just living life more fully and getting more value out of it and just did not know how? – Ask Your Coach!
  •   If you just need that little push orwant to identify those little changes which you could make and that next step you need to take, to upgrade to the next level – Ask your Coach!
  •   Even if it’s a life-changing decision you are contemplating and need to figure out a game-plan – Ask Your Coach!

Your coach will be your GPS – your LODESTAR – helping you find your way, helping you steer the ship to new frontiers and unchartered territories, all the while cheering you on and scaffolding your path to progress.


How often have you felt like a slave to your own mind? Feeling trapped in its contradictions, confusions, doubts and self-defeating negative thoughts? Have you ever wished there was a way you could take back the reins and have your mind work FOR you, pulling you forward rather than standing in your way?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Breakthrough Coaching offer tools and strategies to “program” your mind to get what you want and create positive changes in your relationships, career, health and whichever area you wish to apply them to. NLP and coaching strategies are used widely for developing effective communication skills,inculcating positive self-talk, eliminating cravings, changing limiting beliefs and dysfunctional behaviour patterns, clearing blocks and hidden saboteurs, reaching peak performance, increasing confidence, improving decision-making, enhancing productivity, sharpening strategic planning skills and working towards your goals in an enhanced, efficient and effective manner.It is used equally well in the boardroom, sports field and home.

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