4.Group Therapy & Support Group

We help our clients in cope with and heal mental, emotional, behavioral, psychosomatic and situational problems from their core – thereby creating and restoring a happier and healthier personal, professional and social life.

Group work involves a group of people with similar goals or similar challenges coming together to receive support, not just from the facilitating therapist, but also from each other.

Support groups allow the clients to learn from each other’s experiences, failures and triumphs; understand that they are not alone in their struggle, receive empathic understanding and encouragement from others who really know what it feels like to go through what they have gone through, form a strong support network and work through the difficulties that brought them to therapy.

Group therapy involves a higher level of therapist involvement and guidance as the group is facilitated through a set number of sessions having a more structured approach with each session having a particular focus or theme, building up towards the shared goals. Personal information shared during the sessions is kept confidential within the group.

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